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10:25 pm - February 9, 2024 - Easthampton, MA - Fyre Ants Editorial

Whether you enjoy bud occasionally or daily, there’s no doubt that having the right accessories can go a long way in enhancing your experience. Investing in the right tools can help you get more out of cannabis. Want to roll a better joint, grind your marijuana properly, or protect your plant against dryness and humidity? You don’t have to spend a lot to get what you need. There’s a wide array of price points on the market, and you can even repurpose some household items to do the trick. Take a look at some of the basic accessories you should consider adding to your collection to take your cannabis experience higher.

What Are Cannabis Accessories and Gear?

Cannabis accessories are items you use to enhance your marijuana experience. Visit your local dispensary and you’ll see an overwhelming variety of products you can buy like bongs, ashtrays, rolling paper, vaporizers, pipes, and everything between. For serious partakers, there’s even odor-proof backpacks and purses you can sport to contain the smell of bud when you’re on the go. Your gear collection will vary depending on your passion for marijuana and your budget. But there are some basic tools that we cannot recommend enough.

How much you choose to invest in cannabis accessories, it’s a good idea to have at least some on hand. And remember, gear is here to make your life easier so you can spend more time enjoying your session, and less time preparing for your experience. There’s absolutely no shame in using a joint roller to roll the perfect blunt–it’s a great tool to save time, reduce mess, and get a perfect roll every time. So why not go for it?

A grinder with cannabis buds sits in front of a set of cards

What Kind of Cannabis Accessories Are There?

If you enjoy smoking marijuana, you should invest in a few basic accessories that will take your experience further. Take care of your bud, and it will take care of you! Here are some of our top picks you should have in your collection.

Rolling Papers

Although we love pre-rolls as much as the next person, there’s something to be said for rolling your own joint. Rolling papers are cheap, easy to use, and a must-have for any marijuana session. There is a wide variety of rolling papers available, from flavored to raw hemp, so be adventurous and explore a few. Speak to your local budtender for their recommendations.


Grinders are small canisters that break up your flower evenly, creating a bigger surface area that burns longer, and gets you higher. Basic grinders are manual, which you twist until you get your desired result. Typically, grinders are made up of three compartments—one to insert your bud, one to grind it, and a bottom area that catches the dust (AKA kief) so you don’t waste your plant. Investing in the right grinder can make a world of a difference, so don’t skimp out on this one.

Storage Container

Preserving your cannabis is crucial for keeping it fresher for longer. Sealing it in a jar or container protects it from moisture and prevents it from drying out. For a low-budget option, a humble mason jar can do the trick. If you want an even better solution, get your hands on a humidity-control container for best results. Not only do storage containers protect your bud, but they also help contain the smell if you want to be discreet. Whatever you use, make sure you keep your jar out of direct sunlight, in a cool place.

Rolling Tins

Rolling tins are devices you use to roll the perfect joint, every time. Regardless if you’re new to joint rolling, or a connoisseur, these little machines are great to have on hand to get the job done quickly and mess-free. Plus, they are generally inexpensive so worth adding to your gear.


The humble ashtray can take on many forms, from a discarded can to a stylish glass piece that resembles a work of art. Have fun with this one because you’ll most likely have it displayed around or outside of your house. 

Cannabis buds flowing off the top of an open metal grinder

How to Determine if a Cannabis Accessory is Good Quality

Although cannabis accessories come in all price points, the most important thing is quality. A bad-quality grinder, for example, can totally pulverize your flower, defeating the purpose of getting the perfect texture to enhance your session. Even if it’s an expensive electric machine, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best one for the job. A low-tech manual grinder is a classic solution that has been around for ages and favored by many marijuana enthusiasts.  

If you’re new to marijuana gear, take the time to explore what others are saying about their favorite accessories. Read reviews and see if you can match the quality you want with the budget you have. Discussing your needs with your local budtender can also go a long way. They are seasoned professionals who know the tried and true tools and love to share their passion for cannabis. 

Last word of advice: if you find that your new gear is not getting the job done, don’t settle. Keep exploring until you find exactly what works best for you. Marijuana is an amazing plant that you want to enjoy to the fullest, so expand your cannabis accessory selection to include top-quality tools.


Now that you know a little more about cannabis flower, what it is, the endless varieties, and how it is transformed into various products, you can feel more confident next time you walk into your local dispensary. There are no right or wrong questions, only curiosity, and willingness to learn. Enjoy the trip!

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