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Everything You Need to Know About THC Edibles and Drinks 

THC edibles and drinks have grown in popularity exponentially over the years. Their easy ingestion, convenient packaging, and discrete nature are just some of the reasons why cannabis lovers are opting to add them to their favorite ways to partake. 

Yet, the variety of choices you’ll find at your dispensary may be overwhelming if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Do edibles offer the same effects as smoking cannabis? Will guzzling down a THC drink give you the buzz you want? Do edibles and marijuana drinks taste like weed? Read on to get all the information you need to hone in on what edibles and drinks you’d like to try. And remember, if you still have questions, don’t be shy to ask your local friendly budtender.

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What are cannabis edibles & drinks?

Cannabis edibles and drinks are ingestible products that include cannabinoids like THC, the intoxicating chemical that gets you high, and others like CBD, CBN, and THCV, which provide medicinal benefits. They come in many forms, like cakes, gummies, teas, and beer. One of the reasons they are so popular is because of the variety of ways we ingest them. No matter your flavor preference, there’s a cannabis edible or drink for you. Plus, many ingestible products don’t even taste like weed at all.

For novice cannabis users, edibles are an easy way to get high. There’s no need for gear like vape pens, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, or anything else. Ingest and be on your way. For people looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis, edibles, and drinks are a convenient option. They offer long-lasting effects, especially for pain management. Plus, ingesting edibles sidesteps the adverse effects of inhaling smoke. And for more experienced cannabis users, the wide selection of edibles and drinks is a new avenue to experiment. It’s easy to see why edibles and THC drinks continue growing in popularity every year.

What’s the difference between ingesting and smoking cannabis?

Ingesting edibles and smoking cannabis affects you in different ways because of the way your body absorbs them. When you smoke or vape cannabis, you inhale THC into your lungs, which transfers to your bloodstream and quickly makes its way to your brain. You should start to feel the effects within seconds or minutes of inhaling. You’ll reach your highest peak around the 30-minute mark. Remember that your body chemistry, state of mind, and even social situation influence your personal experience. Expect the effects to last around 6 hours and completely wear off in about a day.

When you ingest THC through eating or drinking, the effects take longer to kick.  The cannabinoids in edibles must go through your stomach and liver. Although the wait is longer (30 minutes to 2 hours), you can expect a more intense and long-lasting high. You can look forward to reaching your peak after 4 hours and enjoy for up to 12 hours. Because edibles can take a while to kick in, be patient and stick to the recommended dosage. Don’t fall into the temptations of eating or drinking more, which can cause over-intoxication.

How edibles are made

Because cannabis is lipid soluble (it binds to fat), it is most often combined with butter or oil to create an infusion. This cannabis-infused fat is then used in baked goods, broths, drinks, and more. Besides fat, cannabis can mix with alcohol to make drinks and, of course, transformed into the ever-popular gummies.

Types of edibles

The wide variety of edibles you’ll find at your local dispensary illustrates the impressive range of ways that you can introduce cannabis into your diet. There’s no shortage of options, from sweets like cookies and brownies to practical everyday goods like salad dressings. Some edibles enhance the taste of weed, while others almost eliminate it for the full effects without the skunky aftertaste.

Types of drinks

If you’re interested in starting your day with a feel-good buzz, you may want to explore cannabis coffees and teas. If you want to quench your thirst on the go, a cold kombucha or infused water may be best. And finally, for something new at your next get-together, consider trying a beer that boasts a THC kick.

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THC edibles and drinks for every taste

Today’s massive selection of THC edibles and drinks offers something for every occasion. They are ideal for recreational and medicinal users. Explore some of the most common edibles and drinks at your local dispensary.

Baked Goods

You’re probably already familiar with marijuana brownies, but cannabis-baked goods go much further than that. Dive into cookies, brownies, and even pancakes if you want a breakfast boost. 


This edible is one of the most popular and available across dispensaries. They are easy to consume and discreetly take with you wherever you go. They come in various flavors and brands, so don’t be shy to compare and find your favorites.


 If you’re not a fan of the taste of weed, chocolate may be a good choice. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to limit your consumption to the recommended dose! Chocolate’s delicious flavor is great at masking the skunky taste that’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Infused Drinks

Speaking of tea, you can enjoy cannabis-infused teas, coffees, juice, sodas, beers, cocktails, and more. THC beverages are faster-acting than edibles because they go through your system quickly. If you’re impatient to feel the buzz, a cannabis drink could be right for you. Besides ready-made drinks, you can use water-soluble cannabinoid powders to mix in your favorite beverage.

What to expect from THC edibles & drinks

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can get THC edibles and drinks to meet your preferred dosage and expected experience. Although we can provide general guidelines,  the wait time for your buzz to kick in and the duration of the high is entirely your own.

Edibles and cannabis compared to smoking or vaping

Although you can get your dose of THC by ingesting or inhaling it, the dosage, effects, and length of high varies.

What’s the recommended dosage?

For newbies trying cannabis edibles and drinks for the first time, we recommend starting small and slow. Since feeling the effects can take longer compared to smoking or vaping marijuana, be patient rather than consuming more. The potency of edibles ranges from 2.5 milligrams of THC to up to 50 milligrams, so pay close attention. Start with 2.5 milligrams and see what your tolerance is like.

How long does it take to kick in?

Since edibles must go through your digestive system, they can take 30 minutes to two hours to reach your brain. After four hours, you should be at the peak of your high. But the effects of edibles are worth the wait! They can provide a more intense and long-lasting high than smoking or vaping cannabis.

How long does the high last?

One significant aspect of edibles is their long-lasting effects, which can last up to 12 hours for some people. This is one of the reasons why edibles are a preferred choice for people looking for effects such as pain relief or sleep treatment.

Whatever edible or drink you choose, keep track of your preferences to discover the best one.


Now that you know a little more about cannabis flower, what it is, the endless varieties, and how it is transformed into various products, you can feel more confident next time you walk into your local dispensary. There are no right or wrong questions, only curiosity, and willingness to learn. Enjoy the trip!

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